5 Beauty Hacks To Save Your Life

Here are some hacks that I use to prevent looking like a clown, to help me when I’m on struggle street or just great help.

To keep your lipstick staying on

If you want to have a matte finish to your lipstick or help it stay on longer, all you need is a tissue and translucent powder. Apply your lipstick first then place a tissue over your lips and press softly. Then dust translucent powder over the tissue to set and mattify it. it will Also stop it from getting on your teeth and helping it last longer during the day.
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Bobby pin staying power

Bobby pins are supposed to hold your hair and stay in the whole time but we all know they never do. So a nice little hack is spraying them with hairspray or dry shampoo. I tend to use shampoo and do this all the time for dancing. To do multiple ones, lay them on a paper towel and generously spray with hairspray. This will make them grip better.
Also when sliding them in your hair, turn them around so the bumpy side is closest to your head. Now you will have a budge proof hairstyle.
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Perfecting that wing – masking tape

If you have shaky hands or never manage to get that perfect line. Try masking tape. It does wonders!!! Also great for eyeshadow looks that may get a little messy or if you want the perfect straight edge.
Apply just under the lower lash line and up towards your temple skimming your upper lid area. Or wherever you normally draw you wing, place it there. Then simply draw along the tape, using it as a guideline. Once you have finished the wing and/or eyeshadow, peel off. You can always tidy it up with concealer after as well.
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Looking less tired – eyeliner & concealer

If you put nude or white eyeliner in the bottom waterline of your eyes, it opens them up and makes it seem bigger.
Also applying concealer under the eyes in a triangle shape helps make you look more awake. You can do it in two ways; either draw little lines under the eye to the check bones or you can draw a triangle from under your eyes down. You want to make sure it is not placed directly under your lash line on the bottom as it can create creasing if not buffed out properly. You can either use a concealer or buffing brush or use a beauty blender and dab it in.
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Wash your makeup brushes and sponges

You can go and buy brush ‘shampoo and conditioner’ and all that but if you are on doing it on the cheap or can’t be bother to spend the same amount in shipping as the product to get cleaners all you need is shampoo. I use baby shampoo as it is softer on the hairs of the brushes. It can be any baby shampoo like a home brand one.
Also I do suggest getting the brush silicone cleaners. You can get them from Sephora or anywhere. I bought mine for $1.37 (AUD) off ebay..It is great to rub & swirl the brushes against the silcone to remove all the makeup. It’s also good to use for when cleaning the sponges. You soak them in the water & squeeze the shampoo into it them push into the silicone cleaner – the end part with the dots pattern.
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Two good cleaners are BLVD Brush Shampoo & Conditioner (can be bought at Morphe Brushes or from their site) & Blender Cleanser Solid by Beauty Blender ($22.30 AUD on Beauty Bay or from Sephora or their website). I find I go through the soaps very quickly especially if you have lots of brushes or clean them often. So it does become expensive after a while.
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