Battle of the Setting Sprays

Let’s first start of with acknowledging the fact that SETTING SPRAYS ARE LIFE! Not sure how I managed survive before without them. At first when I heard about these sprays from Urban Decay and MAC I was like ”what is this??? they trying to sell me hydrating water for my face?” but it actually works. It holds your makeup all day so well.
So let’s get down to business. I have both Urban Decay’s All Nighter Long-Lasting Makeup Setting Spray and M.A.C’s Prep and Prime Fix+. They may seem the same but are slightly different as one gives a dewy finish while the other specialises in longevity.
However, they both aren’t setting sprays. UD is a setting spray and M.A.C is a ‘binding spray’ (to settle and bind any powders to prevent that chalky caked on look, essentially make you look dewy).

Urban Decay

I’m not a huge Urban Decay fan, but there was all this hype about it when it was introduced to Mecca in Sydney, I had to try some of their products. I bought the ‘ALL NIGHTER Long-Lasting Makeup Setting Spray’ and I was extremely impressed with the texture and quality of the mist. It’s the most known for its claim of longevity of makeup.
It does have three different ones depending on your needs; oil controlling, hydrating and the All Nighter. The all-nighter is more heavy duty and gives a more hairspray look compared to M.A.C. Note: to be long-lasting, one of the ingredients is alcohol, which can be dehydrating for the face in the long run. It does say it holds makeup for 16 hours but it doesn’t actually to be honest, definitely holds it longer than normal but not 16 hours or day-to-night.  I start to notice my makeup falling apart after 6-7 hours, but maybe it’s my skin complexion. It’s great to use for going out at night though. However, for those 6-7 hours, it does hold my face on. I am left with a refreshed, just-applied look and holds everything together despite the temperature.
I noticed less smudging of foundation, eyeshadow, eyeliner, powder, blush and bronzer to makeup without it. Depending on how much you are sweating or rubbing your face, but you don’t need to really need to fix anything except the occasional fix up on blemishes, towards the 6-7 hour mark.
Prices – $23 (AUD) for 30ml, $49 (AUD) for 118ml
To purchase – Mecca


Fix+ takes a different approach to sprays as mentioned above. It is more a skin-refresher or finishing mist. So I tend to use it to refresh my face after a long day or to reduce the overly-powdered and caked-on look. It seems to blend and make everything look on point and just fresh and dewy. It does not make your makeup long lasting; it aims to help bind the layers of makeup, so the foundations, powder, blush, bronzer, etc.…)
It is smaller than Urban Decay’s one so it is a little more travel friendly if you want to distinguish by size and has a nice nozzle that can be locked instead of a losable lid. Personally I have an oily complexion in the T-zone area so for me a dewy look doesn’t quite work for me and I tend to stick with matte looks. I tend to use matte and oil-control primers so I can use the M.A.C spray.
You can also use this to spray on your beauty blender instead of water and it will help set it better. Another tip is spraying it on your eyeshadow brushes as it will intensify the colours of the eyeshadow and give it a creamier consistency.
Price – $27 (AUD) for 100ml
​To purchase –  M.A.C


Personal note – I injured myself at a dance competition and was in full on crying mode. When I went to check on the damage, to my surprise my face hadn’t moved. So definitely it’s worth the buy, either brand.
Price > wise there isn’t much of a difference if you get the 100ml+ one. Maybe a couple of dollars, urban decay is cheaper as its $23 for 118ml, compared to $27 for 100ml. I wouldn’t bother with the 30ml one.Size > the M.A.C is smaller and has in my opinion a better lid/nozzle
What it does come down to is really – what you are looking for? Are you looking to prolong the longevity of your makeup or to refresh your makeup or both? They are both fantastic and pretty much the same, so whichever one you will be set for (haha get it).
x B
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