Beauty This or That ft. don’t want to get out of bed Monday

Lets be real, if Mondays were shoes they would be crocs. No one is really excited about Monday. It’s the beginning of the workweek and that enjoyable sleep in is now over, so while Im procrastinating about getting up, I’m doing the ‘Beauty this or that tag’. Maybe make Mondays more enjoyable haha


  • blush or bronzer – blush. It just works on everyone no matter the skin tone or if you have a tan. Bronzers sometimes look too orange on me when I’m my palest in Winter :/
  • lip gloss or lipstick – lipstick! Glosses are fine as long as you aren’t outside or not planning to have your hair stuck to your lips.
  • eye liner or mascara – mascara always.
  • foundation or concealer – foundation, I tend to use high coverage foundations so if I build it up, I could go without concealer or if I’m lucky enough to have a good face day, no need.
  • neutral or colour eye shadow – neutrals. While I love a colour eye, neutrals are much easier for any settings and great for transitioning from day to night.
  • pressed or loose eye shadows – pressed, loose can be a nightmare sometimes plus less fallout.
  • brushes or sponges – brushes are a must!


  • OPI or china glaze – OPI
  • Long or short – Long but not too long, like a normal natural long. But not in netball season L then my nails are short sadly.
  • Acrylic or natural – Natural but that’s because I’ve never had acrylics.
  • Bright or dark – honestly it depends on my mood. I have a peachy pink last week and now I have a green gold shimmer…


  • jeans or sweat pants – jeans
  • long sleeve of short – short
  • dresses or skirts – depends where I am going and if I have a top that works with the skirt
  • stripes or plaid – stripes probably. Only plaid I have is a flannel
  • flip flops or sandals – thongs!!!!
  • scarves or hats – scarves
  • studs or dangly earrings – studs
  • necklaces or bracelets – necklace, bracelets get caught sometimes around your hands
  • heels or flats – heels!! As someone 5’4 when you round up, heels are a must
  • jacket or hoodie – jacket! But if I’m home alone and can look like crap then hoodies


  • curly or straight – curly, well my hair is wavy… so I can either way, but naturally on the curlier side
  • bun or ponytail – a whatever get my hair of my face bun
  • bobby pins or butterfly clips – #bobbypinlife
  • hair spray or gel – hairspray. Is it bad that I like the smell :/
  • long or short – long. I’ve gone short before but I miss my long hair too much
  • light or dark – either, my hair is more in between so don’t mind
  • up or down – either, depends my mood really.


  • Rain or shine – shine! I love the smell of the rain just not being out in it #drownedrat look
  • Summer or winter – summer!! The beach and I hate wearing lots of clothes and winter annoys me sometimes. 
  • Autumn or Spring – Autumn because it’s pretty with the reds and oranges plus its kind of on the cooler breezier side. Sometimes spring is like a bad knock off of summer. Get your own season style spring!
  • Chocolate or vanilla – chocolate! Is that even a question?
So now you know more about me 🙂
x B
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