Cat Got Your Tongue

I’ve been to two Superheroes and Villains parties and went as Catwoman (no making in this one 😛 ). Here is my tutorial on how to do my cat spots make-up! I did this in the car driving to the place so sorry if it looks bad (sadly both times haha)

Duration: literally 10 minutes (or a couple of stop lights 😛 )
Costume: anything black
Option 1:
  • Black tights – mine had cuts down the sides
  • Black top – I wore a black lacy leotard
Option 2:
  • ​Black cat suit (bought mine off ebay) or black leather unitard/jumpsuit
  • Cat ears

Make Up:

  • black liquid eyeliner
  • dark brown eye shadow
  • red lipstick
  • fake eyelashes (optional)


It is the same idea as the leopard print makeup but more black cat
  1. Do your usual make up routine – foundation, concealer, blush, contouring, mascara/eyelashes
  2. Use dark brown/black eye shadow or do a smoky eye for eyes and a cat eye for eyeliner. 
  3. For the spots, we dot with the eye shadow the parts you want, so the side of your face
  4. Then we draw in half finished circles around the eye shadow with eyeliner
  5. Finish with a red pout
The final look!!
x B

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