Down the Slopes – Queenstown, NZ

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In July ’15, I went skiing in Queenstown with my sister, Caitlin, and a group of people from uni. Honestly can say such an amazing experience and had an absolute blast. It was 12 days of partying and skiing and somehow I managed to get up 7am every day to ski. We went to every mountain in Queenstown – The Remarkables, Cardrona, Coronet Peak and Treble Cone. Overall there was good weather but there were a couple days where it was so foggy you couldn’t see in front of you.
It was an interesting experience as we stayed in a hostel and our room was all guys, sans Caitlin and I. There were around 50 people there and 18 girls. So we all got split up and spread around the rooms. We were a little worried since we don’t have any brothers how we will live with 6 other boys but it ended up a blast with the guys and we got along all so well. We were known as ‘squad’ because we always did things together; envy of all people there pretty much. Every night there was a theme to go out and we all get ready together and got a squad photo. We literally have a group chat called ‘#SquadGoals’.
So you may be wondering why I went with my sister and how did we handle each other for the 12 days literally living in each other’s pockets? Well short answer, we didn’t. My sister and I are extremely close which was good to have kind of a best friend experiencing everything with you. That doesn’t mean we didn’t fight. Oh boy we did. However the best part of siblings is that you may blow up in that second but 5 minutes later, it’s like it never happened and we always have each other’s back when necessary. 
My sister and I have decent ski ability – green and easy blue run level I would say, however we did get a private lesson on the first day. This I highly recommend for anyone going skiing. I think private is better than group, despite being more expensive as you get more personal attention and can move faster or slower depending on how you are going instead of how the general consensus of the other 10 people are going.
We are both fast learners so were doing runs within the first hour. It gives you confidence if anything, that you know you can handle the slopes. They wouldn’t let you go off on your own if they didn’t think you could handle it.
Some advice – FALL. Don’t be afraid of falling, the more you try and save or protect yourself, the greater the risk of injury. I think it helps you with confidence when you do harder runs, you know if anything happens and you stack it, you’ll be ok.
Coronet Peak

My opinion on the mountains:

The Remarkables – great mountain!! Heaps of places to go and great to learn but very crowded and the lines for the lifts are long. We spent most of our time at this mountain and went on all green and blue runs.
Coronet – this was the worst mountain for us. There was bad weather the night before so the runs were really icy and dangerous. They only have one green run which gets very boring after a while, despite being long. Caitlin and I ended up getting separated with her getting stuck with a friend on some black run and I was stuck after falling getting down a blue run and skidding on the ice. So not as great. If experienced its great!! Also if not icy, even better
Cardrona – this is another great mountain. Lots of fun. Absolutely perfect for learning. Our first ever ski trip and lesson was here several years ago and there is so much room to learn. However, not many green and blue runs. Lots of scenic routes and great for photos.
Treble Cone – had the best food. The weather wasn’t great so we weren’t able to do as many runs because of visibility, also not as many runs but they are really long. It’s the furthest to travel to from Queenstown so if you are planning on cutting a mountain out, I suggest this or Coronet.
We went out partying every night (such a challenge toward the end, everyone got sick), drinking and dancing till the early hours of the morning, really just enjoying the Queenstown nightlife. There are many restaurants and bars open to choose from. Some musts to check out are Winnies (pizza and club), Buffalo Bar (cheap drinks and dance floor later) and the infamous Ferg Burger (must try, best burgers and pies).
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