Feeling a bit Mission: Unaccomplished

I’m not sure if it is just me or if I’m going through a rough patch right now but I’m just feeling so inadequate and not accomplishing anything. I’m in a real stand still place.
When you are out of uni and in the real world, you don’t have the same priorities or achievements. You had to get through school to get to the HSC, do the HSC to go to uni, you have a certain amount of years to go through to finish your degree, each semester had a break to aim to get to and deadlines for assignments. Non-uni world doesn’t really have the same deadlines and all that.
I remember last year thinking, all I have to do is get through one more semester then I’m done or only 3 more assignments. Now it’s I wake up each day and go to work and do 9-5. Then repeat the next and the next. I didn’t really know what to expect from finishing but I didn’t think I would be so unmotivated. There is just no progressing and I’m feeling so unmotivated.
Even with this blog, I haven’t done any posts for a couple of weeks, I have don’t have anything to say or write about. I am surrounded my many ‘I can’ts and fears at the moment
  • Finding the right time and when I’m in the right mind set to start videoing
  • Feeling like I’m in a slump and can’t get out of it
  • No motivation to write or film
  • Uncertainty of content and if people will engage. 
Hopefully others are going through this phase too, and I’m sure it is just a phase. Everything is changing faster than you want it to. I’m trying to hold on to this never-ending ride but even before the drop on the roller coaster you plateau a bit. So I would say I’m in that plateau period before either everything comes crashing down (pessimistic approach) or new and exciting things happen (optimistic approach).
Everyone is moving around me and doing their owns things. Where I find that I seem to be standing still watching it all happen. My sister has a boyfriend and is off with him half the time or doing her 2nd year at uni. My parents are moving into new stages of their life and planning a river cruise in July. Most of my friends are still at uni. Other friends are seemingly accomplishing everything they set up, whether its blogging, a store, jobs… which fountain are you drinking from? Let me google map it.
Just got to find that something that keeps me going or at least I can make it a goal to get to.
x B

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