Finding my own path

It is not a lie that I have been a bit AWOL! I am finding getting settled into a new path of life can be quite time consuming. In one of my previous post ‘Feeling a bit Mission: Unaccomplished‘, I spoke about not really sure where I was heading and what I wanted to do with myself. Since then, I have been working at an integrated communications agency. I found adjusting to full time work quite harder than expected, especially as I am at a desk most of my day, sometimes working 10-12 hrs. The silver lining is that I am seeing myself develop and improve.

I would say my passions and fitness has sadly taken the back seat while I adjust full time work. I would love for all this to start to change and find more of a balance. However this needs a commitment on my end. To feel satisfied in my life and what I am accomplishing, I need to think of myself and focus on my passions.

The agency I work for has mainly enterprise and consumer tech clients. Not an industry I thought I would be in but it is a nice challenge. To stay sane and not loose sight of myself and passions, I need to push myself to start doing what I love and what I am interested in. Let’s work on my brand, instead of using my skills for clients. It may take time and I am time poor, the end goal will be worth it.

I recently turned 23 and as each year passes you look back to see what you have accomplished. 23 means it is time to stop umming and ahhing, wishing and wanting to do this and that. It is time to DO. Sometimes you have to make sacrifices to get the DO. One of my favourite quotes is from Peter Pan and relates with how I need to start living my life –

‘What if I fall? Oh, but my darling, what if you fly?’

Watch this space…. we are going to be working on making big changes this year. Remember that ‘Fortune Favours the Bold’

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Finding my own path

It is not a lie that I have been AWOL! Getting settled...
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