It’s A Jungle Out There

I went to a jungle party earlier in the year but didn’t like any of the jungle costumes available. So as usual made my own. It only took 1 night to do and it’s pretty simple.
(I look horrible in these full length photos – don’t judge or the jellies :P)


Duration: 1 night (excluding going and buying materials)
Materials for Costume:
  • animal print material e.g. zebra, cheetah, tiger (I chose a furry materials because it had a nicer texture) – I bought about 2 metres
  • plastic bones or print out/cut out bones – as many as you want
  • thick black elastic – about 1 metre (enough to go around your waist stretched and the sides of the top)
  1. Let’s start with the easier part – the skirt – measure around your waist how wide it needs to be and cut
  2. Fold over waist band and stitch so there is a tunnel to thread the elastic
  3. Attach a safety pin to one end of the elastic and thread through to the end. Then stitch together
  4. Cut the skirt to how you want your slits and angles to look like 
  5. The top is the harder part. Fold the material inside out and trace the desired top pattern. I chose a crop pattern but can be whatever length you want
  6. The cut around, leaving the straps part attached
  7. Attach elastic at both sides of the top (so it’s easier to get into)
  8. Stitch together
  9. The bones – print out the template and cut out (NOTE: you can enlarge to whatever size you want)Stick to cardboard or stiff paper and use safety pins to attach where you want them


Duration: 10-20 minutes
Materials for Make-up:
  • black liquid eyeliner
  • gold eye shadow
  • brown eye shadow
  • fake eyelashes (optional)
Make-up instructions:
It is the same idea as the cat makeup but more leopard print.
  1. Do your usual make up routine – foundation, concealer, blush, contouring, mascara/eyelashes
  2. Use dark brown and gold eye shadow for eyes
  3. Make sure you contour with a darker colour in the eyelid crease
  4. Draw a thick eyeliner and extend it down to your tear ducts and slightly off the eye (see image below for a better idea)
  5. For the spots, cover the area with gold eye shadow to bring out the leopard colour more
  6. Dot a dark brown eye shadow on the spots where you want it, so the side of your face (hairline to below the eye, near your ear) and around the other eye (from side of face to nose and into eyebrow)
  7. NOTE: it’s up to you the amount and where you want to put the spots, I’m just giving a suggestion)
  8. Then we draw in half-finished circles around the eye shadow with eyeliner

The Final Look 🙂
x B

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