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I find motivation the hardest thing when it comes to exercise and fitness. It is core thing I struggle with the most. That and self-control when it comes to eating ūüôā Getting fit has no relation to how much you weight and what you look like. My friend is skinny and tall but has not stamina and is NOT FIT. I may not appear to be ‘needing to loose weight’ but for my own personal gratification want to be healthier, fitter, toner and loose a bit of weight.¬†
I have tried the gym, personal training and doing it myself but I gave up after a month. Unfortunately, I get bored easily so the constant repetition of exercises bore me after a while and then I just stop trying  :/ Motivation is key and that is what I need to find and maintain.
I go through many phases. Right now I am pumped to exercise but still pretty bad with my self-control with eating. I eat quite a lot and mostly bad food. Nutella donuts are my kryptonite. So to make sure I stay relatively fit, I need to do something. So my friend and I have come up with an exercise plan to suffer through together.  I wanted it to share it, in case anyone else found it of interest or something they could try. (Note РI love my ab workout)

Workout Plan

The plan is in sections of 5 exercises, 4 exercises, etc… so you can alternate if you want or alternate more of each set each week. Make sure you repeat each section.
Arms, Butts, Legs
10 x burpees
15 x sumo squats (can do weighted squats)
24 x lunge swaps or 24 walking lunges (normal lunges with weights) (12 each leg)
15 x triceps dips
10 x push ups
15 x straight leg sit ups with twist
10 x legs lifted up
1 x minute hold in dish OR 15 v snaps
15 x squats, weighted
24 x step ups ‚Äď 12 each leg
24 x knee ups ‚Äď 12 each leg
10 x in-and-outs
10 x sit ups
1 minute plank 
50-70 x ab crunches
24 x ab bikes (12 each side)
30 x side crunches (15 each side)
10 x toe taps
1 minutes star/cross jumps ‚Äď 30 seconds star jumps/30 seconds cross jacks
20 x mountain climbers
3 x 4 mountain climbers & 1 push up
1 minute bench/chair hop
1 minute second wall sit
x B
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