no short cut or bypass for life.

Adaption is one of the hardest things when growing up. Darwinian Theory states you have to adapt to changes or you will die. I know quite dramatic but the basis of it is relative, you’ll find yourself being left behind.
It’s a big change though, growing up. New responsibilities and challenges. Found out I am no longer on the family health fund since I’m not a student anymore. So have to work out my own health insurance and all that this year. I honestly have no idea what coverage I would need. Why would a 21 year old have any real knowledge of any of that? I still consider myself a child. So have to organise a health fund, got to get an adult opal card, no more student discounts, no big holidays and 9-5 life. Seems exhausting doesn’t it.
So what is my life about so far, let’s catch up. I’ve got myself a job. It is permanent part-time which is good because it can help me gradually get into full time workload when I find a full-time job. It is in my industry (PR & Advertising) which is awesome as I can gain more experience while figuring myself out. Also means I have more time to sort this blog out haha
I am currently the PR & Social Media Executive of a small men and women’s underwear brand called Mosmann Australia. It is really hands on and I have so much room to move around and help gain more brand awareness for them. It’s 100% difficult and such a big step since I just finished universtity and have to really figure it out on my own. I seem to be doing alright though; they haven’t fired me yet haha.
As all these changes can be scary, I am trying to keep some routine and regularity. So I’m still playing keeping up my sports, still dancing and competing and trying to see as many friends as possible while they are in different chapters of their lives. I know I’m probably holding on a little too much but for this transitionary year, I feel I need something normal to hold on to as everything else changes.
However, as it is transitionary and I do have time, I can afford to take risks and try for new opportunities, like this blog. The worst outcome of all this is that I could fall flat on my face. So no real dramas really in the big scheme of things. Not like I’m testing out how good I would be as a bank robber haha.
I can do more than I think I can. I’m always my biggest critic which can keep me humble but also limits me. I need to remember I’m only 21-22 once, so let’s have some fun while I navigate myself through this new adult world.
So stay tuned I guess for updates of my life and all the new found responsibilities of a 21 year old no-longer student. Daunting but sadly must be done. There is no short cut or bypass for this kind of stuff.
x B
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