On Fiji Time

(the view from my resort)
My family and I went to Fiji for two weeks in February 2015. It was such a great experience both in relaxing and seeing the culture. We stayed at a place called Hideaway Resort and we were able to eat as much as we want and drink as much. Literally drinking from 10am till late most nights and cocktails by the pool. Fiji is surrounded by a coral reef, so depending on what resort or area of Fiji you choose, will depend how deep the water is. For us, it was more of a swimming pool resort as the coral reef stopped the beach from being really swimmable as it wasn’t deep enough. I’m more of a beach girl so that bummed me out a bit, if we are getting all picky. 
This was more a relaxing holiday, so we didn’t do much during the days. Our day routine usually was wake up at 9 for breakfast, water aerobics at 10, drinks and swimming around. Lunch at 12pm, more relaxing and swimming, some volleyball, then dinner at 6:30 followed by dessert & more drinks. 
During the trip we got henna done on our hands & arms, I also got it on my back. I absolutely love henna. I always pick so cool intricate design but the worst part is waiting for it to dry and not moving your arm. It was so hot over there, Caitlin and I just sat in front of a fan to cool down so we didn’t over heat and let the henna run. We also got massages to put us completely into holiday mode. Caitlin and I went scuba diving in the coral reef near the resort which was amazing and also went on bush walks with the fam around the resort and got to see the amazing reef surrounding the island.
We wanted to experience the culture more of Fiji so my family decided to go on a village tour. The village we went to was remote and only accessible via boat. So we had a speed boat take us along a massive and long river to get to the village. It was absolutely amazing. They were all so happy and excited to share their culture with us. We had lunch with them and joined in on their traditional dancing. Despite having so little, they are so happy and comfortable with what they have. It’s very humbling.
On the last night before leaving they had some locals put on a show for us with fire dancing. It was amazing to watch. They had shows on every night to entertain the guests and also encouraged us to try Kava, which is the traditional drink for Fijians. Kava is made from the Kava plant and is similar to alcohol. If you drink enough of it, you can get quite drunk. It kind of numbs your mouth when you drink it and tastes like dish water. If you aren’t use to it, isn’t pleasant but you have to try it at least once.
Overall, it was a really nice trip and Fiji is such a beautiful country. Plus you can get a great tan. 100% suggest any of the pacific islands like Fiji, Vanuatu or Bali to travel. They have great resorts and the staff there are sooo lovely. Always happy and so accommodating. 
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