The Biggest Makeup No-Nos Series vol. 1

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I remember going through old photos of myself and just thinking ‘how did I think that looked good?’ I got that cute mismatched foundation and poorly blended colour on my neck, amazing blue eyeshadow and over the top contour… let’s be real, everyone has been through this. The hard part of makeup is making our makeup look wearable and suitable for everyday use. A lighter hand honestly makes all the difference.
So let me guide you through the biggest no nos in makeup.  They are common mistakes that everyone has gone through but hopefully I can pre-warn some & give some tips to avoid or fix. This will be way toooo long if I keep it all in one post so this will be a series, developed over time. The No-nos series will consist of all the mistakes I have made or seen and advice to prevent or fix. So hope you enjoy. Let’s get started with the most important one….

Wrong foundation shade

This could be one of the worst mistakes. Foundation is your base and is the most obvious, especially when comparing to your neck. I have 2-3 different shades in each of my favourite foundations depending if I have a tan (fake or real) on. So how do you know? YOU NEED TO TEST IT OUT as not every brand and formula works on everyone.
Another conundrum is the ‘Am I pink or yellow undertones?’ Pink it referred to as cool, while yellow is warm.
Usually people say if you have pink/cool undertones, match with yellow/warm undertones and vice a versa as it counteracts your undertone. However, for me that doesn’t work. If I use yellow/warm foundations I look terrible and sickly! So I have to work with my skin undertones. I have pink undertones, so need to choose cooler shades. Also some brands tend to make more of one undertone, e.g. Bobbi Brown, Bare Minerals.
To help explain the undertones more, think – yellow undertones are often found on people with sallow skin (e.g. Asian), while pink is often found with people with pale skin that can burn easily (e.g. Irish, English). However, you can only find out what works for you by testing. Also remember just because it has a BIG brand name on it or expensive doesn’t mean it is great, drug store foundation is just as good.
I love Maybelline’s Fit Me Matte and Poreless (one of drug store go-to) and Estee Lauder Double Wear but Rimmel, Covergirl and Nars don’t work with skin. So it is all up to preference, not the look, brand name or price. No one will care if you are wearing Marc Jacobs’s foundation but look terrible.
(SIDE NOTE – Even if it is a great foundation it might not work with your skin. For example; Marc Jacobs has amazing foundation and the coverage and finish is too die for but sadly my friend had an allergic reaction to it so she can’t use but she really loves it and the look. She is actually tossing up whether to just suffer haha #makeupdilemas)
If you are unsure what works, I recommend asking employees or makeup professionals. Most the employees are trained in colour matching. Employees at Mecca and Sephora are trained and you may find some Priceline staff trained or have knowledge into colour matching as well. Otherwise, shop with friends or mother and they can tell you if you are unsure or feel uncomfortable asking staff.
For application, brushes or beauty blenders are the best method to apply (there will be a post for more detail on application of foundation and products). It is the cleaner option and you get a more airbrushed look. Your fingers carry bacteria and you don’t want to spread that around your face, despite it being quicker than brushes and blenders. It does depend on how much time you have, for a full glam I would use a beauty blender but for everyday wear to work, I usually use my buffing brush
But if it wasn’t for mistakes, you would never learn from them.
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