The Biggest Makeup No-Nos Series vol. 2

The next No-No in the series!! It is a big thing at the moment but still a big mistake and easily made.

Overlining Lips

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Getting nice plump fuller lips is all the rage at the moment. However not everyone wants to invest in lip fillers. This is where the skill of overlining your lips comes in, however people need to be careful to not look like a clown. The key is to keep them as natural and realistic to the original lip line but slightly higher.
Now I am still learning how to master this skill and definitely do struggle with my lip shape. For my lips, the left is normal whereas the right is more straight down and sloped. Hardly anyone will notice but you always see the differences more than other people. To fix it and make it more even, I have to overline the right more to match the left. The aim is to curve it more from the cupids bow rather than follow the natural line.
If you start at the corners of your mouth and slowly draw up to the cupid’s bow while following the angle of your natural lines, it helps to get a natural look. Depending on how much bigger you want them to look, draw the new line just on top on the natural line, so its outlining the natural lines.
The easiest part is the bottom lip. So start from just under the middle of your lip (where you could contour to make it seem fuller) and draw upward toward the corners of the mouth. Take your time and keep stopping to make sure it looks even.
For the cupid’s bow make sure you continue along the same lines and that it looks even. You don’t want to draw straight back down to the middle of the natural cupid’s bow. It makes it look too sharp and obvious you’ve over drawn them.
Don’t worry if you make any mistakes. Once the lips are done, use concealer with a small lip or concealer brush to outline around the lips to remove any mistakes and clean it all up.
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