The Biggest Makeup No-Nos Series vol. 3

We’re back!! This mistake is a another big problem as it frames the face and really can change your look depending on how they look. It is also such a personal and individual feature.

That Bold Brow

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Even though the bold brow is in, thanks to Instagram… it doesn’t always translate in real life. If only we could carry filters and Photoshop around with us.

So to protect us from looking ridiculous, you need to make sure when filling in your brows, STAY NATURAL. Keep to your natural arch and the way the brows sit. Spoolies are very helpful with combing the brow hairs into the directions you want. Most brow pencils or brushes or eyelash brushes have spoolies on the ends.

The aim is to fill in the sparse areas of the brows and have a ‘full’ brow. Use a light hand to avoid drawing thick and strong lines. They strokes need to be fine and light so they can easily blend into the natural hair. If you do find it too dark or making mistakes, use the spoolie to run over the brows and collect extra product. A tip to making sure all sparse areas are covered, is to brush hairs down, then lightly drawing in the gaps, followed by brushing hairs back up and filling in the other spaces.

Remember, everyone has different eyebrow shapes and looks that work for you. My sister doesn’t have an arch whatsoever, so she needs to work with what she has and create more of a rounder look, compared to my natural arch.

An another issue is matching eyebrow shades. You don’t want to have blonde brow hairs and use a dark brown pencil…. that would just be awkward. Like foundation, match the hair and shades, if unsure go lighter. For me, I am a brunette so I use in ABH medium brown and in Maybelline soft brown.

Best brow products:

High End
Drug Store
  • Maybelline – Eyestudio Brow Precise Brow Pencil
  • NYX – Micro Brow Pencil
  • Colourpop – row Products (Precision Brow Pencil, Precision Brow Colour and Boss Brow Pencil)
  • Australis – Oh Hai Brow! Kit
Wonder what will be next in the series??
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