The Biggest Makeup No-Nos Series vol. 4

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Another fun and easy to do mistake with makeup. When I was younger learning about makeup. I was slayying that blue eyeshadow game. If only I had the skills 14 year old have now.
Intense Eyeshadow
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That is the key to every eyeshadow look that went AWOL. The amount of times I’ve put too much shadow on the brush or the wrong colour and just blended the crap out of my eye to make it look normal.
This is when brushes are your best friend. Some of the best blending brushes are  and (in my opinion), they have saved me many of a time. The trick is to blend outwards and focus in the crease. Your eyeshadow should be blended so the colour transition is seamless. You want to be able to see that crease colour, transition shade, lid and outer corner work, not just a lump of shadow all turning into one colour.
Another tip is to be careful of fallout with shadows. There are some shadows out there that are not great quality with poor pigments and fallout. This can also contribute to intense and bad eyeshadow jobs. If there is fallout, try and clean it up with translucent powder or lightly brush off to prevent colour transfer onto your foundation. Or you can do your eye makeup first if you are worried. With dark colours like smokey eyes or using blacks, I tend to do eyes first so I can clean up better.
For pigment, not much you can do but keep applying or read reviews & test products before buying to find the better quality eye shadows. I am a big fan of individual pans so my go to brands are MAC, ABH, Morphe and Makeup Geek. Good palettes are Urban Decay Naked palettes, Morphe 35 palettes , Kat Von D Shade & Light palettes & Maybelline Nude palettes.
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