Trick or Treat: I Scrub Up Dead Well

For Halloween I decided to go as a corpse bride. I made it in one night and was so glad it turned out the way I imagined.
Here is a photo of me in the final costume & make-up

So here is a step-by-step guide on how to make the corpse bride skirt and bow.
Duration: 1 night (excluding going and buying materials)
Materials Needed For Skirt & Bow:
  • stiff tulle – I bought about 3 metres
  • white thick elastic – about 1 metre (enough to go around your waist stretched)
  • grey organza – ½ metre
  • some glittery tulle – ½ – 1 metre (I got extra because it was so pretty)
  • soft tulle for the bow – about ½ metre
  • Velcro to attach to the ends of the elastic
Needed for Costume:
  • White top – I preferred strapless but can be a bra, crop top, leotard, etc…
  • Black bottoms e.g. bike shorts, skirt (NOTE: the skirt is slightly see through, as it is tulle so if not comfortable you can wear tights or leggings.


1. Decide on the length of your skirt with the stiff tulle. I folded it and layered mine; the first layer went to above my knees, the second below by knees.
2. Mark with a pin, how wide it needs to be around your waist
3. Begin to fold and gather the tulle till you get to the marked spot. (For a better idea on how to gather, see step 9)

4. Next we move on to the strips we will attach to the gathering. I started with the glittery tulle. The aim is to give it a teared and tattered look, so it doesn’t have to be perfect or pretty.
5. Cut about 6-7 strips of the materials, all different shapes and lengths

6. Now do the following with the grey organza, this will give it an old look (sorry for the photo, you can’t really see the organza)

7. Next is the harder step. We have to unpick the gathered tulle and add in the strips we made. This is the most time consuming part. Do them in sections, first take out 2-3 pins and place either the glitter tulle or organza right up against the top of the skirt.

8. Once happy with the placement, re-pin the gathering.
9. Do this again for all the pieces, until none left. Spread them out. I did glitter, organza, glitter, etc… I also for some layered them a little.

10. Once that is finished, put it on around your waist to see if the length and it still fits

11. Next we attach the elastic to the waist band. This may require a second person to make it easier. If they can hold the elastic out stretched, you can pin it to the skirt.

12. Now you just sew it all together.

13. I attached Velcro at the ends so I could easily get in and out of the costume
14. Volia you are done!!! (photo with the top I wore and skirt)

15. BOW!! Make a bow with the soft tulle. Wrap the excess around the middle and pin together. Attach it to your head with either bobby pins or a stitch a comb to it


I didn’t want to do the typical corpse bride look so I opted for something slightly different. Here is my face 😛

What you need:
  • fake blood
  • blue and brown eye shadow
  • eyeliner
  • red lipstick
  • blue eyeliner
  • fake eyelashes (optional)
How to deadify yourself:
  1. Cover your face in foundation and concealer
  2. Apply eyelashes if wanted
  3. Use blue eyeshadow to contour your face, instead of blush 
  4. Follow with a little bit of brown eye shadow as well
  5. Next we use dark browns for the eyes. Cover the whole eyelid, up to the brow and to the side of your lashes. 
  6. Use eyeliner to define the eye – it’s up to you what shape you want to do
  7. With the blue eyeliner draw the ‘corpse bride’ cheek thing – it is like a narrow triangle and lines segmenting it (see photo of my face)
  8. Next we draw from the corners of your mouth a straight black line and cross over it, to look like stitches
  9. After that we do the red lips
  10. To finish it off with the creepy dead look we use the fake blood and draw it across your throat and let it drip down your neck.
NOTE: you can do more creepy dead makeup if you want and more blood as well
Here you go! Easy costume made. Here is a photo with my friend and I (She was a Hooter’s girl)
x B

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