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When the Colourpop crème colour eyeliner pots were released, there was so much hype about them. Not only are they relatively cheap but such great products, so I ended up buying 8 of them and I love them.
Colours – Boots (hot pink), Exit (white), Maybe (lime green), Prance (periwinkle blue), Workout (forest green), Get Paid (metallic bronze/rose gold), Zulu (sea foam green).
The pigments of the colours are mostly like advertised. They have a nice consistency and glide smoothly and evenly over the lid. They set really fast, so no room for error for those shaky hands. The packaging is sturdy, easy to store and glass, so don’t drop on a hard floor.
My favourites are Boots, Maybe, Workout, Exit and Prance. I was a little disappointed with Zulu and Get Paid. All creme pots are matte and most opaque sans Get Paid which has more of a shimmer/metallic finish. Zulu doesn’t show as much but that might be because I’m fair skinned and doesn’t stand out as much. Prance surprised me. I thought it would be like Zulu but the colour periwinkle looks amazing on. I applied it then made a thin black line with a black liner to emphasis the colour.
Get Paid is very subtle which is nice for accenting a black liner but I personally wouldn’t wear it as a standalone eyeliner because it won’t stand out enough. UPDATE – I’m liking it a lot more. I only use it to accent black winged liner but it gives it something extra.
The amazing thing with the crème liners is that they are crème so they can be used as a crème shadow as well, which can be nice for bright popping looks. Though do remember they dry quickly, so use quickly to spread and paint across your eye lid.
One of the issues I found with them was the application. You do tend to have to pick up a bit when using eyeliner brushes otherwise it doesn’t come out that well. Also remember to put the lid back on otherwise it will dry out.
I really want Beesting (bright blue), Piggy Pank (purple), Puppy (warm orange), Punch (canary yellow) and Dirty Talk (metallic gold) now. In case you can’t tell I love colour and bright eyeliners. So when I get around to purchasing, I’ll add to the review.
Price for crème eyeliner pots – $6 (USD) each and eyeliner pencils – $5 (USD)
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Disclaimer:  All products discussed and mentioned in this post were purchased by myself with own money.  I was not paid to feature these products.  All opinions are my own and 100% honest and unbiased.
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